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How can i order

  We will do our best to make it easier for you to purchase a product from our online store. You only need to follow the few steps detailed below.

  STEP 1

  After you like the most suitable product for you from our online store, click on the "ADD TO CART" button, which is below the price of the desired item. We give you the opportunity to buy a filled product or only cover. We offer both single color products and those with a wide variety of patterns, and for some of them, you have the option to choose the material: damask or coated fabric. To make your product unique, you can also place a logo on it, by clicking on the active button.

  STEP 2

  Once you've clicked on the "ADD TO CART" button, a "ADD" button appears in its place to let you know that the product you selected is already available in the cart.

  If you've added more products than you want, or you find it more suitable for you than you originally selected, you can make the appropriate changes by pressing the cart icon and the "COLLECTOR REVIEW & EDIT" button. After the relevant changes, click on the button "UPDATE THE ORDER".

  If you would like to purchase more products or view the whole assortment available, click the "CONTINUE SHOPPING”  button.

  STEP 3

  Once you've added all the products you want to the cart, start the order. This is accomplished by clicking on the basket and clicking the "ORDER" button.

  STEP 4

   You should provide your data required to complete your order. It is important that the information in the form is correctly filled in. Some of the fields are required and marked with *, and you cannot go to the next step before completing them. You must also choose a delivery method. When filling in all necessary data, press the "FORWARD" button.

  If you have a registered account, you do not have to fill in this information each time, you have the option of continuing as a user, by entering an email address and a password or a guest.

  STEP 5

  At this stage of your order, you should select a payment method, details of which you can see in the section "HOW TO PAY" uploaded to our site. A "SUMMARY OF THE ORDER" box will appear, which will contain information about the products you have selected, the final value you have to pay with the included shipping cost / unless you have chosen the option to get the product in a sales outlet / , receiving address, and payment method. In the case of incorrectly filled in data, you can correct the same by pressing a symbol, then go back to the "NEXT" button. To finish your order, click the "FINISH THE ORDER" button.

  STEP 6

   Once your order has been finalized, you will receive information for the number of the order as well as a confirmation on your e-mail address.

    Your order has been completed and successfully sent to us for processing.

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