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Puff Mango

Puff Mango, this is our modern answer to the ergonomic adult chair. It is extremely comfortable, takes the shape of your body when having an upright posture. Suitable for the living room, by the couch or it can replace it. Available in coated fabric, damask and artificial leather. Patterns of coated fabric are used for beachfront restaurants, swimming pools, gardens and other outdoor areas. It is possible to place corporate logos, inscriptions, or a complete individual design printout provided by you.

As low as €180.00

Puff Mango made of coated fabric is waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, extremely durable, with double stitches, no elasticity, exceeds the European standards of loading up to 150 kg and has a strong UV protection against bleaching. It is used in offices, swimming pools, gardens, beach bars, restaurants and cafes on the beach, public places, parks, retail outlets, kindergartens, schools, universities, shopping malls, and more.

Bean bag Mango made from damask is better suited for indoor use and makes your home cozy. The damask is softer, less elastic, is not recommended for outdoor use, it is double-stitched, very durable, has UV color protection, exceeds the European load standards of up to 150 kg and like all our products, there is an inner cover for laundry.

Puffs made of artificial leather are only available in our store.


We deliver to your home through couriers within 1 to 4 business days.

For Bulgaria:

The delivery price is 15 leva when ordering one Puff. When purchasing more than one item, the price changes anf the ordering system calculates the value of the delivery.

The price does not change depending on whether the order is up to the courier's office or address.

For Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia, we offer only delivery of covers within 2-4 days, depending on the city, at a price of 20 euro.


All of our Puffs are designed, printed and produced in our own factory, under strict control, meeting all European requirements and guaranteeing 100% high quality workmanship.

The warranty of each Bean bag is 2 years from its purchase.

The warranty does not include the filling that is consumable and the reduction in volume depends on the use.


MANGO’s approximate size:

90 сm width adn 110 cm length and 85 cm height of the backrest;

  • capacity of 600 liters;
  • weights 7 kg;
  • occupies 2 square meters.

With a load of up to 150 kg.


All of our products have an internal laundry bag which helps overflow the beads so you can wash the cover.

If the beads are electrified, you can spray them with water (nebulizer).

The laundry should be set at 30 degrees Celsius. We advise you not to use a centrifuge, or if you use one, it should not more than 600 rpm because the cover could be crushed, and the coated fabric and damask cannot be ironed. You can dry at a sports program.


It is possible to purchase only an outer cover. It is possible to make a custom color by selecting a number on the "Pantone Solid Coated". When choosing an internet color, there will be a color deviation of 80%.If you use original Pantone paper, as well as color cards, which can be found in our shop on 23 Hristo Botev Blvd. - Sofia, the color will be accurate to 98%.

The working time is up to 4 working days.

The price of the service is +30 BGN on the Bean bag price. It is possible to produce a Puff on your individual design, to put a logo or other.The files are submitted by the client in a final form, preferably in a vector format.If you would like to take advantage of this option, you can send us any questions you have for this service by e-mail:

The working time for making a Bean bag on individual design is 4 working days after the design has been specified.The price for the service is +30 BGN on the price of the armchair.

It is possible to make a Puff with a customer's damask. In order to do that, before ordering, you need to provide a piece of 20x20 cm fabric for strength testing as we need to make sure it meets the requirements.


We perform warranty and post-warranty service only for Puffs purchased from us.

The charge for out-of-warranty service starts at 20 lv up to the price of a cover. Depending on the damage, it is possible to refuse repair - in cases where the damage exceeds the price of the product or when it is impossible.

We offer a Bean bag laundry service at the following prices and conditions:

Price - 30 lv. for 6 business days without transport (from the store in the store). If it is with delivery + the delivery price of the model in both directions.

If the customer only provides the cover, the price will be 15 leva.

We do not refill Bean bags. For this purpose, we offer sacks for refill.

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